How to use google keyword planner

Come utilizzare google keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner is a Google keyword research tool that allows users to discover keywords to use on their websites. It is a very useful tool for optimising website content to increase traffic and online visibility.

What is Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner is a Google keyword research tool that offers users the opportunity to find and choose the most suitable keywords for their websites. This tool provides detailed information on specific search terms, such as popularity, competition and traffic estimation. Besides managing keyword research, Google Keyword Planner offers users many other useful features. For instance, it is possible to create keyword groups, perform related keyword searches, view data trends and create your own keyword list.

How to Use Google Keyword Planner?

Using Google Keyword Planner is quite simple. First, you need to create a Google Ads account and log in to Google Keyword Planner. Once logged in, you should start with a generic search by entering a keyword or phrase. Google Keyword Planner will display a list of keywords related to the search performed, together with details on the popularity of each keyword. Users can then select the keywords they wish to use and be able to see cost estimates, competition and other important data. Furthermore, with Google Keyword Planner it is possible to choose from exact keywords, phrases and group keywords that help identify users interested in a specific product or service.

In summary, Google Keyword Planner is a very useful tool to help site owners optimise their content and increase online visibility. This tool is relatively easy to use and provides useful information on keywords, costs, competition and estimated traffic.

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