How to use google ads

Come utilizzare google ads

Google Ads is an online advertising tool used to promote business activities on Google's search platform. Understanding how Google Ads works is essential to make the best use of it and maximise results. This article offers a basic guide on how to use Google Ads.

Understanding Google Ads

Google Ads offers advertisers the opportunity to pay to be displayed on Google's search platform. Ads are shown on the top and sides of the search results page (SERP), which provides greater visibility for the products and services advertised. Using Google Ads, companies can choose where and when their advertisements are shown.

Companies can choose to create text, visual, video or interactive ads. The former provide links to a landing page with more information, while visual, video or interactive ads show more comprehensive content. Google Ads also offers advertisers advanced targeting tools, such as the ability to select a specific audience for their ads.

Google Ads campaigns can be optimised for different objectives, such as the lead generation, promoting app downloads, increasing online sales and much more. The performance of an ad can be monitored and analysed using Google Ads dashboards, allowing advertisers to implement targeted changes.

How to Use Google Ads

To use Google Ads, you need to create an account, select a budget and choose the goal you want to achieve with the campaign. Next, you need to set the campaign parameters, such as audience targeting, ad details and keywords.

Once the account is active, you can start creating ads. Google Ads offers advertisers a wide range of tools for ad creation. To create a text ad, a title, description and target URL must be selected. Video and visual ads can be created from an image, a video or an interactive form.

After creating an ad, you can test its effectiveness using the monitoring tools available in the Google Ads dashboard. You can monitor ad performance, audience reach and other key metrics.

Google Ads is a powerful and flexible online advertising tool that offers advertisers the opportunity to promote their products or services on Google's search platform. Using Google Ads' targeting and measurement tools, campaigns can be optimised to achieve the desired goals with the maximum investment.

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